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Cheese Pizza 6:13pm / October 19, 2005

When I was on my first trip through Europe, Egypt and India (which was a year ago if you can believe it), the thing I said I missed the most from Canada was Cheddar Cheese. Oh god, how I loved cheddar. I ate it at least once a day. And painfully, throughout the world, cheddar just isn't popular. In fact, I never found it. And after those 15 weeks, within an hour of coming back to Canada, I ate cheddar cheese and Premium Plus crackers.

Shortly after I moved to Berlin, I found cheddar cheese at a few grocery stores that have a large variety of imports from around the world. (I've also found Kraft Dinner, but a box costs around $5!) It's often called Englisch Cheddar. But it's completely different.. there aren't the same Mild, Medium and Old varieties. There isn't Light, Extra Light and Regular. No brands like Cracker Barrel to choose from. Just one type. Englisch. And it's not very good either. I don't know why but it just doesn't taste right ever.

As a result, I've grown to LOVE Gouda. Gouda is everywhere here. It's the only cheese I buy. I eat toast with gouda every day for breakfast, put it on casseroles, pizza, grilled cheese, everything. I have a feeling that when I come back to Canada, I'll miss the gouda you can only find in Europe.

Another cheese thing: the Mozzarella here is completely different. It comes in a package as a ball in water. It's wet and rubbery and used for sandwiches. It's NEVER used on pizza. I have no idea what the cheese on pizzas is.. but there is hardly any. You can get pizzas with spinach, eggs, broccoli, everything there shouldn't be. But no mozzarella. Plus, pizzas come almost exclusively intended to be eaten by one person with a fork and knife. How I miss extra-large deluxe pizzas from Pizza Pizza with garlic dipping sauce!!

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Jesse Skinner