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I Booked the Flights 8:53pm / October 27, 2005

I booked the flight back to Canada! Svea and I will be arriving in Toronto at 2:05pm on Friday, December 16th. We will be leaving Toronto 5:15pm on Sunday, January 1st. So, we'll have 16 days to see everyone, celebrate Christmas and party for New Year's.

I want to make sure we get to see everyone, so please, let me know what days work best for you so we can put together a bit of an agenda. I don't really have any plans so far, except for Christmas and New Year's. Svea wants to go snowboarding again..I'm kind of nervous about that but I'll do it too. Last year when she came to Canada, we went to Horseshoe Valley.. she did snowboarding but I did skiing because I thought it would be safer. I didn't know until my fourth time down the hill that you aren't supposed to go your fastest straight down the hill, so I almost killed myself and others. This time I'll do snowboarding again..

See you soon!

1. Excellent!

I've got holidays from Dec 23rd until Jan 2nd. I'm sure I'll have family stuff around Christmas, but I'll probably be in Toronto (at Kathy's) for much of the week after christmas. So pencil me in for some time during that week.

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