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Weird Bus Stories 5:49pm / November 22, 2005

A weird thing happened today. I was taking the bus home from work, and I noticed that most of the people on the bus were coughing. Svea has a vicious cough right now, so I figured everyone had her cold. Then, I had a tickle in my throat, so I had to cough too. After a few minutes I realised the bus wasn't going anywhere, and then the bus turned off. Since we were just a ten minute walk from my house, I decided to just get off and walk home. When I came downstairs (it was a double-decker bus), everyone had already gotten off the bus and was standing outside. Nonetheless, I just walked home rather than wait around for another bus.

Afterwards, it occurred to me that the coughing must have been related to why we stopped.. But I have no idea what it was.. my best guess was some kind of smoke coming from the heating or the engine or something. And I guess I'll never know..

I just remembered another bus story I forgot to share: A month or so ago, Svea and I got on a long bus (like two buses attached by a pivot in the middle). Right after pulling out of the station, we drove very close to another bus that was turning right. A second later we heard a loud crack and figured the bus had tapped the other one. Then, the next second, a window near the back exploded and threw glass pieces all over the people at the back. The driver pulled over and we all got out, then I took a few photos.

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Jesse Skinner