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Free TV 8:57pm / July 30, 2005

For Svea's birthday I bought her a "DVB-T" Digital Terrestrial TV receiver. It cost 79 euros (about $116) for a box that sits on the TV. Now we get about 27 channels for free. Of course, they're all in German, except BBC World. Theres also a music channel (but not MTV). Even though it's over antenna, it's a digital picture. You can see the name of the current show and see what's coming up next in the guide.

But the best part is, it's completely free. Well, the law says that everyone with a TV needs to pay 15 euros a month for TV tax.. but apparently nobody pays that. Svea said one time the TV tax man came to her mom's place to count her TVs but she just wouldn't let him in. So until that happens, we get basic "cable" free from the airwaves.

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Jesse Skinner