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I signed the contract 4:36pm / July 26, 2005

I signed the contract. I also got to see where I'll be working. It turns out there's 300 employees of this office! I never realised it was such a big place. I work in a room with four others.. I'll probably never get to know 95% of the other employees there. We're having a work party in the middle of August..that will be cool. It's on a Friday afternoon so we end work early and go eat and drink beer somewhere.

So I start working tomorrow! I'm looking forward to starting a new job (it's been many years since I've done that), setting up my computer, figuring out what I'll be doing. I also will eventually get a free cellphone..the downside of which means I will be on-call one day a week in case the web server crashes. It's worth it I guess.

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Jesse Skinner