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Flea Market Shopping 6:59pm / August 13, 2005

Today, me and Svea went to a flea market and did some shopping. Flea markets here are like big garage sales, not really anything like the 400-Flea Market. It seems to be 70% boxes of crap found in the houses of dead old people. It's unsorted and chaotic, but of course there are some treasures to be found. Everything's reasonably cheap, and the price can always be haggled.

Something that happens a lot here is guys playing accordions on the subway (hoping people will give him some change afterwards). I was thinking about getting an accordion ..but I guess they are usually a few hundred dollars. Well, today I saw a toy one at the flea market and it was only 3 euros so I bought it. It works. It's not a professional one. But it still plays music and it's fun. My neighbours will probably kill me soon (if Svea doesn't beat them to it). Later at the flea market, I saw a real one. The guy wanted 70 euros for it. I told him I wouldn't want to pay more than 20. He said I could have the case for 20.

I also found Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale" for a euro. Svea bought some books, 2 tea pots, and a couple Gameboy games.

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Jesse Skinner