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QWERTZ 9:30am / August 11, 2005

Working as a programmer in a German company has its difficulties. Speaking English hasn't actually been that much of a difficulty. All the people I work with directly also speak English. Plus, I know enough German to make small talk in the kitchen now and then with other employees.

One thing that has been more difficult to get used to is the keyboard I'm using. The first noticable difference is that the Z and the Y are switched. Next, to allow for more characters (äÄöÖüÜßµ°§ and €), theres an extra AltGr key where the right Alt key normally is. For example, I have to hold this key and press Q to get @.

Where it really gets difficult is programming. Most of the programming I do is full of the characters {}<>[]#+*?|'". And all these characters are in entirely new places, most using this AltGr key. So although I've gotten really fast at typing HTML tags like <title></title> in Canada, it takes me about ten times as long here because I always screw up and have to correct myself three times.

I imagine after programming here for a few years, and I finally get used to this keyboard. But then I'll have to go back to Canada and start programming again on an English keyboard...

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Jesse Skinner