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IFA 7:09pm / September 9, 2005

Svea and I went to the IFA on Wednesday, a huge convention of consumer electronics. I got off work early, but still we only had two hours to try and see everything. We made it all the way around the enormous grounds, but at the end we realised there was a whole downstairs to the event we hadn't begun to explore. Unfortunately it was closed then. It was pretty neat, lots and lots of big TVs and computer monitors, cameras, mp3 players, etc. There was also this 3D television. There was a magician doing some tricks, and a camera filming him (with 2 lenses). And right beside him were TVs showing him in 3D..and you didn't need glasses to sense the depth. It was pretty interesting.

The most exciting thing though was on one of the walls there was a bunch of black & white clipart of buildings and different "city life" kind of graphic art, and right in the middle was a highway sign saying "Barrie (straight arrow) Orillia (left arrow)". I was shocked. Below you can see a picture of it Svea took with her cell phone, as well as a picture of a very long Foosball table.

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Jesse Skinner