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Election Day 6:21pm / January 23, 2006

Well, today is Election Day in Canada. I had the chance to vote already (NDP). I ordered a ballot by mail. They sent me three envelopes and a ballot. I had to write the full name of the candidate I support (in Barrie). Then, I put the ballot into an unmarked envelope. I put the unmarked envelope into an envelope with my name and a barcode. Last, I signed that envelope and put it in another envelope to mail it to Ottawa.

When they got the envelopes (hopefully by today!), they opened up the first. Then, they scanned the barcode and verified I only voted once. They opened that envelope, and put the unmarked envelope into a box. Then they threw away the barcode envelope. When the polls close, they will open the unmarked envelopes in the box. This way, my vote remains anonymous (though I obviously don't care).

I can't wait to see the results. It'll be 6:30am here when the winner is announced!

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Jesse Skinner