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At the movies 9:49pm / March 12, 2006

Originally, I thought I'd write a lot on here about the million small differences between Germany and Canada. But I haven't done this at all really. Anyway, I'll start now.

We just got back from watching Capote. There's an English "Original Version" theatre here, Sony Cinestar at Potsdamer Platz (the ultimate tourist area of Berlin). All other theatres show movies overdubbed in German. This is pretty much the only theatre we go to. It's just like a Cineplex or any other big theatre.

At this theatre, there are 45 minutes of commercials and a few previews. I hate this, but at least it means you can come almost an hour late to a movie without missing anything. Half way through, they bring up the lights, and people come in to sell ice cream. Even though it's an English theatre, most of the previews and all the commercials are in German, so it's easy to ignore them.

Movies come out later in Europe, usually about three weeks later or sometimes more. Garden State came out here about 6 months after it did in Canada. I was able to buy the DVD from Canada before it was in theatres here (and cheaper than the theatre would have costed for the two of us).

When the movie is over, the lights stay off during the credits. This is because you're supposed to watch the credits. You're always "supposed" to do this, in Canada too, but nobody does. You can really tell the Americans/Canadians in the theatre because they get up as soon as the credits start, and complain that the lights aren't there to help them out of the theatre.

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