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In the bathroom 10:38pm / March 13, 2006

I know what you want me to talk about. You want to hear about the differences in toilets. Right? Ok here goes..

Toilets here flush totally different. There is only a small amount of water in the bowl. Any water in the toilet automatically goes right down the drain, so you can't get plugged or overflowing toilets here. Nobody even owns a plunger. But, the downside, most toilets have a little "shit shelf", so your business doesn't actually sit in water at all. Every time you take a shit you have to scrub the bowl with a toilet brush. There, I said it. This is as gross and offensive as it sounds. I'll never be completely used to it.

The toilets here are very environmentally friendly, though. With so little water in the bowl, flushes use much less water. Actually, the lever either works one of two ways. Either there are two buttons, a little and big button, for little amounts of water or big amounts of water (for #1 or #2). Or, there is a lever that you can push back when you want to stop the flow of water. This let's you flush just a little if you want.

Okay, that's enough of that topic. I'll stop now. Just be glad I didn't include a photo!

1. toilet tricks 101


if you throw a couple of squares of tp down before your dump, covering the approximate guess zone for dumpage.. (sizes based on previous consumption of food vs. activity done throughout the day) it should slide a little better leaving no evidence of a number 2 in the bowl (not applicable for number three' solid to start..liquid to end...they can go everywhere.)

i too noticed your no water in the bowl during my german washroom encounters.


also if you need to pee without washing your hands at a urinal.. use your thumb to maneuver the fringe of your underwear beneath ur weewee creating a platform for peeing and a trampoline just so suited for the aftershake..

more next week

written at 4:43am on May 24, 2006 by sean
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